Info about Deepfrozen

DeepFrozen was first created in february 1997, it have since
then been updated several times. The main idea with
DeepFrozen is to make email chess simple, I think this
is as simple as it gets.
In the new release the game will work without an local
copy, but it will still be the best way to use DeepFrozen.

2000-02-12 Version 2.0, added move history!
2000-02-05 NEW RELEASE OF DEEPFROZEN, No installment or SMTP required!
2000-02-04 Game is included as an attachment in new version,
this makes it possible for hotmail users to use deepfrozen,
new release SOON....
2000-01-31 New version soon, the SMTP server info will no longer be required!
After this update DeepFrozen will be extremely simple to use
1999-10-07 Added opponents page, for game matching!
1999-10-03 New URL:http://deepfrozen.tripod.com
1999-08-09 v1.6 Included extended info if SMTP error occured
1999-03-16 v1.5a No local copy is required to play the game.
1999-03-15 DeepFrozen is now located at this new URL, please update your links


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