1 Install DeepFrozen

You only want to install the package if you are having problems with the loading speed of the board.
To install simply put the file into your browsers java path.
Example of paths:
Internet explorer: c:\windows\java\classes
Netscape: c:\program files\netscape\program\java\classes

2 Begin new game

To begin a new game simply open the newgame.html file included in the package or point your browser

Enter your email address in the white email box, enter your opponents email address in the black email box.
Remember to allways look at the label located under the board, there you can find important information from
the application.

3 Make new move

  1. Click on the piece you want to move, the color of the square will change
  2. Click on the target square, the color of this square will allso change
  3. Click on the move button, the move is made
  4. Enter a comment in the comment box, not required
  5. Press the send button, follow the progress of the mail on the status label located under the board

4 Castling

Works like a normal move, but the only piece you will have to move is the king. Normal rules for castlig
is applied.

5 Capturing En Passant

No diffrense in how this move works, just move the pawn into the new square, the opponents pawn
will be captured.



DeepFrozen is written in java by Daniel Karlsson